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Some places should remain secret..

Thomas, an Aboriginal man is arrested and held in a local town jail holding cell as he awaits trial accused of double murder. While he waits in the cell he is visited by a big shot cop Joe Marshall who takes Thomas to the crime scene in hopes to help him piece together the events that occured prior to his arrest. It is there at the crime scene Thomas starts to become suspicious when Joe starts to ask questions about an Aboriginal sacred site located deep within the forest which supposedly is a great place of value. Joe, convinced he has total control of the situation tries to motivate Thomas by offering a plea bargain in exchange for the location of the sacred site. When Thomas declines the offer Joe becomes aggressive, threatening Thomas' wellbeing, but little does he know Thomas is being watched and protected by evil spirits.

About Us

Thibul 'Stinga T' Nettle

Writer / Director

The Protectors short film is the directorial debut of Australian Indigenous Actor/Writer Stinga T. He has a lot of experience in front of the camera as a professional actor, along with experience in screen writing and film producing. Stinga T has always been interested in directing movies even more so his own films that he writes, but always thought this was an option that would be available at a later stage of his film career as acting is his first passion. However he was given the opportunity by South Australian Film Cooperation to direct a short film that he had written called “The Protectors”. This was an opportunity that was just too great to pass on and after having this directing experience Stinga T now plans to direct one of his up and coming feature film scripts in the near future.

Tess O'Flaherty


Tess O’Flaherty has worked for many years in the TV and Film Industry in Australia, starting as an actor at 9 years of age. During this time Tess has gained a wealth of knowledge about the local and international film industry and the passionate people involved. Along with working with TV Stations she has also worked with the SAFC, AIDC, AFF, Winnah Films, Pinnacle Films, Duoart Productions and Ozpix Entertainment. Having completed a Diploma of Screen and Media at MAPS in 2011 she also finds herself working in different fields of the entertainment industry including Production, Publicity, 1st & 2nd AD, Sound Recording, Locations Assistant etc. Tess has previously produced about 11 short films, three of them through the MRC one of which just won the Best Comedy award at the SASAs, a Cinema Ad for Hamilton College and more. Most recently Tess won ‘Best Emerging Producer’ at the 2016 SASAs. Currently Tess is Producing and Co-producing other Shorts and a Feature Film. Tess loves the challenges of her work and has a solid commitment to entertain and educate through her professional, yet fun and energetic style.


Aboriginal filmmakers attend short film workshop

(From the South Australian Film Corporation. September 2016 Newsletter)

In keeping with the SAFC's recent launch of their Aboriginal Screen Strategy 2015-2020, a week long workshop was delivered as part of the Aboriginal Short Drama Initiative from the 8th to 12 August 2016. SAFC selected five local Indigenous filmmakers to receive $20,000 each to make a short drama, approximately five minutes in length. Leading the workshops were Writer/Directors Beck Cole (Here I Am, Redfern Now, Black Comedy), and Warwick Thornton (Samson & Delilah). The workshops provided each team with valuable production insights working in collaboration with key creative crew and how to develop their story and prepare for pre-production.

Leaders in their creative field shared insights as to their career path, professional relationships and their creative processes. Guest speakers included Allan Collins (DOP), Will Sheridan (Sound Recordist), Tania Nehme (Editor), Duncan Campbell (SAFC Sound Post Staff) and Christine Williams (producer/line producer). The workshop included screenings of inspirational short films made by Indigenous and non-Indigenous filmmakers from around the world. They also gained important production insight with regard to production methodologies and budgeting and scheduling. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants had further developed their scripts and scriptwriting skills and built stronger networks between Aboriginal filmmakers in SA.

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